If you ask just about anyone in Duvall what they are most concerned about, you will hear complaints about traffic and lengthening commute times. With so many factors contributing to our congestion and commute struggles, a single strategy is not going to solve this complex problem. As a community, we are going to have to attack … Continue reading TRAFFIC!

Asking Questions, is it Helpful or Harmful to the Process of Government?

Is asking questions of our government and elected officials disruptive or damaging to the process?   I would emphatically say “NO”.   I believe strongly that our community will have a better outcome if our questions are received with humility, a desire to correct any problems and without defensiveness. I was a senior programmer before deciding to stay home with my … Continue reading Asking Questions, is it Helpful or Harmful to the Process of Government?


Duvall is a unique “island” community surrounded by rural unincorporated areas.   Many of our residents were drawn to the area by the natural surroundings and beautiful open spaces.   It is also a community of many children and young adults.    According to the US Census, 34% of our population is under 18 years of age.   That … Continue reading PARKS!


Duvall residents are consistently and passionately speaking up about their concerns related to growth in Duvall.      Looking at the results of the community survey in 2014, three of the top four concerns relate to growth.   We are anxious about the decline of rural character (ranked #1), residential development (ranked #2) and the roads that service … Continue reading GROWTH!