About Me

150103LCARKNAPLUNDJ_052My husband, Gregg, and I both grew up in the Pacific Northwest, myself in Portland, Oregon and Gregg on Whidbey Island.  We moved to Duvall in 2000, newly married and commuting to Redmond for work. After the birth of our second child I decided to stay home full time.

In the fall our children will be attending Cedarcrest Highschool, Tolt Middle School and Stillwater Elementary.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics, my professional career began as an actuarial analyst reviewing financial reports. By the time I decided to “retire” and stay home with my children, I was working as a senior programmer.

I am an active volunteer with both the Stillwater Elementary and Tolt Middle School PTSAs and look forward to joining the Cedarcrest PTSA when my oldest begins his freshman year.    In January of this year I began working on the Tree Protection and Sensitive Areas Advisory Committee for the City of Duvall.    In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and neighbors, gardening, walking and annual road trips to our many National Parks.