My background and why I am running for City Council


I would like to use this page as a forum to answer questions from the community. Here is the first question, well, actually it’s more of a statement, made by Pamela on the Duvall Community Discussion Board:

QUESTION: All candidates should give the voters in Duvall information on their background and why they are running for office so we can make an intelligent choice.

ANSWER: Hi Pamela, I agree, transparency is critical and I hope to provide a more thorough answer to your question once I get a campaign page up and running. In the meantime I will give you a quick overview.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics, my professional career began as an actuarial analyst reviewing financial reports. By the time I decided to “retire” and stay home with my children, I was working as a senior programmer.

My motivation to seek election to city council is to ensure residents have a voice in City decisions. I am not a career politician, there is no benefit to me having “councilmember” on my resume, and I am not employed by any company that will benefit from my influence.

My husband, Gregg, and I moved to Duvall in 2000, newly married and commuting to Redmond for work. After the birth of our second child I decided to stay home full time. This fall my children will be attending Cedarcrest High School, Tolt Middle School and Stillwater Elementary.

I hope that answers some of your questions!

Please feel free to message me with your questions or concerns and I will do my best to provide an informed response. I’m also happy to meet for coffee or just stop me in the street if you would rather discuss in person. I believe a councilmember’s job is to stay connected with the community and ensure two-way communication is encouraged and readily accessible.