Question Series: What Prompted Me to Run?

QUESTION: What is the biggest issue that prompted you to run? (asked by Amy Fudally)

ANSWER: The issues that prompted me to start attending City Council meetings and learning more about the process of government and policy here in Duvall were a desire for adequate parks to serve our growing community, concerns related to the density of new development, and an apprehension about the volume of growth that is coming to our city and how it will impact our schools, commute times, traffic congestion and infrastructure.

What I found, as I started attending meetings, asking questions, and occasionally writing a letter or speaking during public comments, was there is very little opportunity for two-way conversations. When questions were asked or concerns raised, the responses tended toward justification and even a level of defensiveness about the direction that was being pursued by the majority. This wasn’t just between council members and constituents, but also amongst the council members themselves. It felt dysfunctional and not ideal.

I believe the best outcomes for our community will be reached when elected officials respectfully explore differing ideas via robust discussions. When citizens bring forward concerns, questions and ideas, instead of placating, diverting or making vague claims of “misinformation”, I believe the public deserves more. Our city is full of smart, thoughtful residents that can handle the truth and the complexities of the decisions that are being made. This strong desire for a more open and engaged city government is what ultimately prompted me to file for a position on City Council.